Sunday, September 2, 2007

National Biker Poetry Gathering?

Press Release...

2008 National Bikerpoetry Event.

Rock and Roll,

A lot will be happening in 2008; It promises to be an exciting year.

There is talk of having a 2008 National Bikerpoetry Event.

Several places have been presented as possible choices. Each one has
its own merit.

So far the choices are:

Uglicoyote has a offered a possible major Bikerpoetry booking at Elko,
Nevada. This is where the East Meets the West, and the Steel pony meets
the quarter pony, and the Bikerpoet and The Cowboy Poet share the same

Colorado T. Sky has suggested the Indian Lookout Country Club Inc. in
upstate New York. This spot has been biker friendly, and has long Biker
event history.

J. Barrett Wolf, aka Bear, has offered the use of his home and land to
hold a Bikerpoetry Month or National Bikerpoet event on. Bear's land
holds camping and amenities, and is just far enough from Binghamton, New
York , to be a ride. Binghamton is a major poetry friendly town, and
booking a few reads down town should be possible.

One other place I would suggest is Poopy's in Savana, Illinois. It is a
Biker Friendly town, and there is a campground available.

This is too big an issue for one or two Bikerpoets to decide without
first consulting the Bikerpoetry Community at large...

Your feedback is needed on this ... a commitment would make this event
happen ... if this is not worked out by January first, it most likely
will not happen ... So, we need our fellow Bikerpoets to make this

My choice is wherever the Bikerpoety Community decides.

Hope you can take the run with us ... best miles and verses


1 comment:

Dean "D-Day" said...

The only location I can comment on is Savannah, IL, since it's somewhat in my area. The whole town has proven in the past to be very biker friendly.