Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pastor Bob and the C.M.A.

Pastor Bob and the C.M.A.*

On a sunny Sunday morning ride
I stopped to adjust my load
A group of bikers passed me by
and roared on down the road.

At the next town, a rest stop
they were there when I pulled in
One of the riders walked up to me
I recognized that grin.

"I'm Pastor Bob, " he told me.
"I ride with the C.M.A.
I smiled and slid back on my bike,
but he wouldn't let me get away.

"Have you found Jesus," he asked me?
"I can help you find him again."
I replied, "Sorry that you lost him.
Guess I'll just have to live in sin."

Bob wasn't sure how to take that,
but he kept up his holy spiel.
So I held up my hand and said, "Bob stop!
Let me tell you just how I feel."

"I know you think you're being kind,
and "saving souls" is your call.
but insulting me and what I believe,
that ain't being kind at all."

"When you shove your religion into my face
you assault what I hold dear.
You've no right to do that, Pastor Bob,
so before I roll out of here,

I'll tell you, I believe in freedom,
in truth and the open road,
in honesty, and integrity,
in shouldering my share of the load."

"I believe that people have a right
to believe whatever they may.
I believe that if you don't respect my right,
Then Bob you can K.M.A."

So I started my bike that Sunday,
but before leaving him in a lurch,
I asked "Bob if you're such a Christian,
Why the hell ain't you in church?"

2007 Bill "uglicoyote" Davis

* C. M. A. = Christian Motorcyclist Association

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Bumble said...

Great poem! I would love to use that poem sometimes. I think a lot of Christians need sensitivity training...