Monday, June 18, 2007

Two Poems By Bikerwolf

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Brothers And Sleds

By: Bob “Bikerwolf” Bryant

As I sit here writing
Borrowing thoughts from my soul
Considering myself a middle aged man
Maybe a little closer to old

The thoughts create a cluster
They overwhelm my head
But with each passing vision
I see brothers and sleds

I see young men and old men
I see bikes old and new
I see lots of ol’ ladies
I see kegs and kegs of brew

I see jokes played on each other
I see attitudes turn bad
I see bikers when they laugh
I see em’ bow their heads

I see endless black ribbons
I see cold winter nights
I see full moon rides
I see some shit kickin’ fights

I see walls of solid concrete
I see bars straight and round
I see wrenches turning
I see brothers lay em’ down

I see brothers carrying caskets
I see those too short bike week runs
I see the life that I love
Living free and having fun

I even see the future
I see the good times ahead
I see myself a little grayer
I still see brothers and sleds

Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved

By : Bob “Bikerwolf” Bryant

A long haired young southern biker
Sitting low on his solo seat pan
Thought he knew all about life
Thought of himself as a biker man

But he really learned all about biker life
One night at an off the path bar
He busted in like he owned the place
An old biker asked “ Who do you think you are”?

Come on over here, have a seat at my table
Let’s put down a few
I’m gonna tell ya’ about our rules here
If you don’t like em’ then you’re just passin’ through

First off we don’t all need to hear you
Unless you have something to say
But I don’t know what the hell that could be
Because the first time we’ve seen you is today

You’re lucky that you’re still in here
Busting in all badass and shit
Just because you ride that scoot
Doesn’t impress any of us one bit

In case you haven’t noticed
The lot is full of Milwaukee iron
And the faces you see all around here
Well each one has earned those lines

We respect your enthusiasm son
Don’t mind if you hang out and drink
But don’t think you’ll run rough shot here
If that’s your intention, you better re think

Now you might consider yourself a biker
A loner I guess since you’re alone
But you just remember one thing
Around here, you are not known

But there is one thing that I do like
About your cocky assed way
Laughing the old biker said
You remind me of myself, back in my younger days

So go ahead and have a good time here
But remember to keep it real
Just check your attitude at the door
Where outside sits that Iron and steel

Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved

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