Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Roadkill Dave

The Legend of Roadkill Dave

If you've done any riding out west
Up near that great Divide
You may well know
How that snow can blow
and ruin a biker's ride.

There was a legendary old rider,
Who lived up there in a cave
On his bike he would go,
come rain, wind, or snow
They called him Roadkill Dave.

He lived up on the Red Desert
Up near the great divide.
He would sometimes ride out
to Rock Springs and about,
He always wore a gun at his side.

He rode a 52' Harley
Leather saddle bags, skinned from a bear,
His leathers wore stains
from blood and hard rains,
And most of his clothes were threadbare

They say he served in Korea,
Just showed up and moved into his cave.
On his old bike he rode
Down old trails and dirt roads.
Cold and snow didn't stop old Dave.

In the Winter out there on I-80
Oh God, how that wind can blow.
In '74, when a Spring blizzard hit
I was alone, out driving in that shit
My cage slid off the road in the snow.

You couldn't see for, love or money
The whole world outside had turned white
I had packed no warm clothes
And when my carburetor froze
I thought I'd freeze to death that night.

I was dozing off when old Dave found me
and hauled me off on his bike,
How that Harley could go
Through the ice, wind and snow.
I've never again seen the like.

In his cave Dave warmed and fed me.
He said, "eat up," so I had my fill.
It was a fine stew, a real treat.
I asked, "What's that tasty meat?"
He laughed, "Why do you think they call me "Roadkill?"

The next day the when blizzard died down,
Roadkill Dave hauled me back to my car
As I watched old Dave go
On his bike through the snow
I longed for the warmth of a bar.

That's the last time I saw old Dave
Though I heard stories of him now and then
How he made that bike go
Through rain, wind and snow.
He was one hell of a man.

They found old Dave dead one day
In the Red Desert alongside a trail
as he rode in the rain
He had felt a chest pain.
and his old heart decided to fail.

They sealed him up alongside his Harley
In his home right on that stone floor.
Carved on the seal of that cave
"Here Lies Roadkill Dave.
They don't make men like him anymore."

copyright 2007 Bill "uglicoyote" Davis

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