Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Uglicoyote's Roadkill Red

Uglicoyote’s Roadkill Red

It was a cool September afternoon ride
when we pulled off to camp by the road
We set up our tents by the fireside
and built a blaze to ward off the cold.

I dug deep in my bag for peppers and tools.
“You know, I’m ready,” old Rocko said,
“for something hot to help us refuel.
How about a pot of your good Roadkill Red?”

So into the pot I placed onions and stuff,
Some chorizo, and Cuban black beans,
Chili powder, cilantro, cumin just enough,
Then an ingredient the boys hadn’t seen.

Scotch Bonnet peppers went into that pot
Habaneros just to give things a kick
The boys always say that they like their food hot
We’ll find out the truth with this trick.

The pot simmered a while until the flavor was full
Then I tasted and proclaimed it done
They stepped up smiled as I filled up each bowl
They sat down to eat one by one.

Rocko’s face twisted, smoke came out of his nose
Bones tried , but could not hide his pain.
Mike gasped for breath, screamed as he rose,
mouth skyward as if waiting for rain.

And me, I just sat there my bowl in my hand.
I spooned out a second helping of chili
I said, “came out a little “spicier” than I had planned,
With that idea from ole Biker Billy.”

Copyright Bill “uglicoyote” Davis 2007

If you don't know who Biker Billy is, you should.

Biker Billy Cooks With Fire

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