Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another new poem

The Essentials

I rolled into town, late one day,
I'd been riding fast and far,
In my favorite friendly hide-away.
I bellied up to the bar.

An old biker invited me to his table to sit,
so I grabbed my beer and and my shot.
I walked on back to talk a bit,
and I told him, "Thanks a lot."

"I've been meaning to come and talk with you,
I'm a biker poet you see,
I'm always lookin' for things that ring true
To set my reader's minds free."

"You've been riding now for, what, fifty years?
And I figure you've seen it all.
Been there, done that, shed all the tears
you've answered most every call."

"Now poets, they reach for the mysteries of life.
They seek to know what life's all about.
All this loving and leaving, this joy and strife,
Can you help me figure it out?"

He smiled and said,"Son you're so full of shit,"
Then he took a long, deep swallow.
"The truth is right there if just you look for it.
Your words, they just seem to ring hollow."

"It's big titted women that make the world go
Smooth tequila gives meaning to love,
Takes money to make your way through life's big show
Fast bikes show you what you're made of."

"Fast motorcycles, and big chested gals ,
hard cash and a jug of good booze.
If you have all those things, and a few good pals
You can live your life just as you choose."

He finished his drink and walked out of the bar.
I thought, maybe, just maybe he's right.
He was waiting for me as I walked out the door
and together, we rode into the night.

Now, when I'm riding with some of my pals,
Or writing, wondering what words too choose.
I think of fast bikes and big titted gals,
hard cash and a jug of smooth booze.

2007 Bill "uglicoyote" Davis

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