Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Poem--uglicoyote

99 Miles from Shoshoni to Casper

He was fifty miles from Casper
when his old "pan" decided to seize.
The Wyoming sun burned down like fire
in the hot Wyoming breeze

No sign of life showed either way
as he looked up and down the road
just a lonely bird, circling way up high
and couple of horny toads.

Then a semi roared on past
not even slowing down
He thought, "I best get off my ass
and walk back towards Shoshoni town.

He walked a until his feet were sore,
that sun kept beating down .
"I'll sit and rest a spell," he thought,
"right here, I might even lay down."

So he closed his eyes for a little rest
then he heard a distant sound,
and a girl pulled up on an Ultra Glide
right next to his patch of ground.

A beautiful girl she was, he saw
all curves in smooth black leather,
a true Wyoming biker chick,
she smiled and said, "Call me Heather."

" I saw your bike back down the road.
Then I saw you here in the ditch.
I'll take you back to Shoshoni,
If you don't mind ridin' bitch."

"I'll ride with you Heather" he replied
"If you'll grant just this one request.
Let me put my arms around you"
"Sure. Put your hands inside my vest."

They rode, she was young, and fine ,and firm,
as he wrapped his arms around.
Then he heard a siren, then a horn,
and he was back down on the ground.

He opened his eyes and there the man stood
his silihouette blocked the sun
He was a Trooper, one of Wyoming's best
and he stood at least 6'1".

"You okay, sir?" the trooper asked,
"You look like you might need a ride."
The rider pulled himself up onto his feet,
"It was just a dream," he sighed.

They got into his car. turned around
and off towards Casper they rolled.
He noticed the picture on the trooper's dash
and it made his blood run cold.

"Who's that?, he asked him about the girl,
the blonde in smooth black leather.
"Oh her, that's a girl who loved to ride.
My daughter. Her name is Heather."

"She was killed out here on this very road
She was riding her Ultra Glide
at a high rate of speed when the front tire blew
and caused that fatal slide."

"So I patrol out on this road, rain. or shine
Her spirit's out here on that Glide;
I think I see her from time to time.
Knowing she's here helps the pain inside."

When he paused, the biker told of his dream
and the girl in smooth black leather,
and how she stopped to help him out.
The lawman smiled , "That's just like heather."

They hauled his bike into Casper that day,
and the shop gave it all their best.
In two days that old panhead roared back to life
and he was on the road headed west.

But he can't forget his dream-girl out there
on that long road, in all kinds of weather
A beautiful girl on an Ultra glide.
" Need a ride boy. My name is Heather."

2007 Bill "uglicoyote" Davis

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Anonymous said...

That was great. I am in Casper, and know that lonely road to Shoshoni. I bet I have passed Heather a few times over cruisin' that way. I will have to drop her off a handkerchief or a quart of oil for the next brother down and out.