Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Holiday Greeting from Chopper Kate

The Road to Home
Her tired gaze fell out the window
and ran with her thoughts
down the one way street.
This season of homecoming,
memories cascade down
from her eyes, down her face.
So envious of the families
she saw, doing Christmas things
together, laughing.
Imagining it was her family,
with smiling bright eyed grandchildren
who begged and cajoled
to open just one gift...pleeeeeeeeease???
Long ago, last parting words
his and hers, bitter and haste
stood like the Great Wall of China
between his life now
and the old homeplace,
where she and a stubborn pride
with a tired wet gaze
that falls from the window outside
and down the one way street.
Across the miles
he stands gazing out a window
down a one way street
and where it just might lead
his heart says it's her he wants to go again to meet.

Pride and doubthad jumbled his reason
into excuses why he shouldn't
make the first move to reconcile.
Too far and too had been such a long while.
What was said? Who was wrong?
Somehow it didn't seem to matter anymore.
Across the miles from "home"
he walks to open the door
leading to that one way street.
One more cold Christmas dawns
too early she wakes up,
and it will be the longest of days,
as alone she sips her cup.
Through the window her sad gaze
leads out to the snow covered street.

Tire tracks run along it's way
Who had ever comes out here?
That hadn't been there yesterday...
Turning into her drive
right up to her door.
Shouts of Merry Christmas,is anyone here?"
"Hey Mom I'm home"
"How I missed you dear! Can you ever"
A house became a home once more
when doubts and pride stayed at the door.
A one way street goes both directions
The most precious of gifts are the love and affections
from family and friends that we cherish
and give unconditionally in return.
Merry Christmas 2007 from Chopper Kate and family!