Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When Bikers Come to Town

They turned right onto Main Street

On that hot and dusty day.

Thirty bikes with Thirty riders,

Why'd they come here? Would they stay?

"You'd better run and tell your mom

lock the doors and shutter down.

I've heard bad things can happen

When bikers come to town."


I watched as they rumbled down the street,

 Chrome and steel, all dressed in black.

The reached the end, where three roads meet,

Then turned around by the tracks.

The paused and spoke  and seemed to decide

Then they slowly rolled  back  down.

At Annie's Place they pulled aside

The Bikers put their kickstands down.


Most of them were dressed in black,

But when they took their leather away,

I was, I must say,  somewhat taken aback,

Many of those heads were gray.

And everyone was smiling  bright,

I never saw a  glare or a frown

I thought perhaps I'm just not right

About these Bikers who came to town.


I decided then to check them out.

So I walked  over to Annie's Place

I saw  the two waitresses scurrying about

And Annie  had a smile on her face.

The I saw that patch upon a vest

It read HOG, Portneuf Valley Chapter,

I put my previous worries to rest.

It wasn't my daughters they were after.


It was for Annie's food they had made this run,

It's a long  ride, many beautiful miles.

To them, the ride is always most of the fun,

But Annie' s famous pie made  them smile.

So  I got on the phone and I called my wife,

I said,"Honey, just come on down.

Bring the kids, no need to fear for your life,

The Bikers have come to town.


Copyright 2007 Bill "uglicoyote" Davis

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