Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fast Freddy

Fast Freddy's Flying Road King

He was a Harley Rider
Road King Custom, FLHRS
And when he sat astride her
Fast Freddy felt his best.

He loved her smooth clean fenders
He loved her shiny chrome
He polished and treated her tender
Garaged her when they were home.

She was born a twin-cam eighty-eight
In the year 2004
Although she never made him late
Fast Freddy wanted more

So her took her to his Harley guy,
Freddy had money to burn
He said, "Lets make this Road King fly.
Lets make these tires burn.

A few thousand dollars down road
Eighty-eight became one twenty-one
New cams, pipes, all part of the load
She was something when she was done.

But what really made Fast Freddy's day
Wasn't the sound or the shine
It was hearing his Harley guy say
She just dyno-ed at one thirty-nine

So Fast Freddy put his money down
Smoked out of the parking lot
You could hear him thunder out of town
But wait! There's one thing I forgot.

You see Freddy couldn't ride very well.
He was a lawyer, a legal eagle.
This little detail I forgot to tell.
No endorsement. Fred rode illegal.

He was coming down a six percent grade
When a deer stepped into his headlamp
At high speed a mistake was made
Fast Freddy took the runaway truck ramp.

Up the ramp that Bright Harley did go
At an unbelievable pace
Exactly how fast, nobody knows
But that Road King was launched into space.

Freddy eventually fell off of his ride
And survived, as most idiots do.
Where'd his bike go? No one can decide
If it crashed somewhere or just flew.

But special NASA instruments have found,
And I have this on an insider's say-so,
From space each day comes a strange sound,
Sounds like "potato-potato-potato."

Copyright 2007 Bill "uglicoyote" Davis

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