Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bringing a Brother Home

Today, 08/14/07, the body of Sgt. Nick Gummersall was returned to Pocatello for burial. Sgt. Gummersall was killed in action in Iraq. He was twenty- three years old. Over one hundred bikes rode escort for the Sgt. and his family from the airport through town to the funeral home. People lined the roads and streets, holding flags, signs, and hands on hearts as we passed. It was an emotional and moving experience. As the body was removed from the plane by the honor guard, a fledgling Bald Eagle cried and flew nearby.

Bringing a Brother Home

We brought a brother home today
We rode with him along the way
When he arrived an Eagle cried
We brought a brother home today.

He was every father’s shining son.
He was every mother’s precious one.
He served us well but then he fell
We brought a brother home today.

He left his home and answered the call
While many give some, he gave all.
No more from home will this lad roam
We brought a soldier home today.

Bill “uglicoyote” Davis

USN 1967-1971

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